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Bloom School of Jazz Now in 36th Year!

Chicago Jazz Magazine Bloom School of Jazz Article by Mike Jeffers 

David Bloom

If you have seen a live jazz performance in Chicago, then most likely you haveheard one of David Bloom's students in action. David Bloom, the owner and founder of the Bloom School of jazz, has influenced the way musicians have created music in Chicago since 1975. I had heard about the school, played with musicians that had attended the school and spoken with David Bloom many times by phone and in person, but had never studied at the school. When the idea came about to put an article together about the Bloom School's 36th year I wanted to do something different, something that would give readers of Chicago Jazz Magazine an inside look into David Bloom's philosophy of music and performance, to gain an understanding of why so many of Chicago's top jazz musicians have come through the school.  Go To Article...


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