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Steve Rodby Joins Bloom School Faculty.


We are very happy to announce that Steve Rodby, 13-time Grammy winner and Bloom alumnus, has joined our faculty. Steve is teaching bass (electric and upright) as well as music production and video editing.

We are very happy to announce that Isabelle Oliver; harpist, composer and teacher has joined our faculty

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Isabelle has been a professional musician for more than 20 years, performing and recording with many great international musicians such as Peter Erskine, Norma Winstone, David Linx, Didier Lockwood, Louis Moutin, Eivind Opsvic in more than 20 countries.

Bloom School Mega-Concert Scheduled For November 24, 2013

Over 30 instumentalists, vocalists and composers will perform on Mayne Stage Sunday November 24. The concert will feature original compostions written by Bloom School of Jazz current students, alumni and teachers. More information soon

Video for "When You See Me", Original Jazz/R&B Tune for Trayvon Martin

Chicago, Illinois- August 23, 2013- Yesterday's musical epiphany has become today's great music as students, faculty, and musicians associated with Chicago's Bloom School of Jazz came together to record both video and audio for the original tune, "When You See Me."

Spider Saloff Pens Song Inspired by the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

Chicago, Illinois, Aug. 1, 2013- The recent trial and acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin has sparked a firestorm of media coverage and public reaction. For Spider Saloff, acclaimed jazz singer and vocal coach of more than a decade at Chicago's Bloom School of Jazz, the underlying issues of the tragedy are much more important.

Jazz Vocal class starting Monday July 22 7PM. Enrollment due by this Friday July 19th. Spider is also taking private students. Call for details.

S Saloff

Spider Saloff is the winner of five MAC Awards (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) including Best Female Jazz Vocalist, as well as the recipient of the Chicago Gold Coast Award for Excellence in Live Performance and also of a special citation from NARAS (The Grammy's). This World Class artist has taught vocalists at the Bloom School of Jazz for over a decade. As a concert jazz vocal artist, actress, songwriter and playwright with 8 national recordings, Ms. Saloff has been acclaimed world wide. She was featured with Chicago Jazz Orchestra's tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Millennium Park to an audience of over 26,000. Saloff's Gershwin tribute The Memory of All That headlined in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her concert venues include: Auditorium Theater, Smithsonian Institution, Wilmington Grand Opera, Wallingford Symphony, Illinois State Symphony, Castro Theater, and New York's Town Hall and Lincoln Center.

Perfect Set Recording Course Students Remember Main Stage concert.

Tyler Web
Tyler Callahan. Perfect Set Recording Course Student.

Six Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Professional Recording Session

It's important to first determine what kind of session it will be. A live jazz session is different than a pop session and is recorded differently. But to start with I will be talking about rock or pop sessions.

Jazz For Rock Musicians

Rock musicians sometimes carry this ethos around that they don't need to know their craft, just bang it out. "All you need are three chords and some balls" as the saying goes.  Or when you're tuning up "close enough for rock n roll". But realistically that gets pretty boring, pretty damn fast.   And so you're left with the same old slog of rock that is as worn out as 12 bar blues in a south side Chicago bar on a Tuesday "jam" night. In my opinion musicians should always strive to understand and integrate other forms of music genres and bring what you learn back to your plate. In Jazz music, I feel that you find the widest range of palate, color and nuance.  You can hear how jazz was brought back to blues and rock and funk and so much more. From Gershwin’s to Kenny Burrell, BB king to Les Paul, Duke Ellington to Stevie Wonder and so much more. Jazz in its purest form is like surfing to me. And it’s almost as dangerous because if you crash and burn riding the B locrian mode it can be as ugly as a wave spanking your ass on ocean beach. But I digress. The thing I've learned when working primarily in rock n roll as a genre, is that even if you are only using three chords, you can make them more interesting.   Play inside of them, depending on which mode your in, and when you start to take that risk, you're stepping squarely into a space that is greatly informed by some flavor of jazz.   

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